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I taught Biology at Springfield College for two years and I minored in Biology in my Masters Degree. Having taught Health Education, and worked in a Medical School for over 33 years, I have a strong Biology background and I am sure I can help any High school or college student get an A in the course.

Tutoring college professors is perhaps one of the most difficult assignments I have ever had to do. Each one has their own fears about technology and each professor regardless of academic discipline does not like change. Professors like to have a comfort zone and so do Elementary teachers and Secondary level teachers. Learning PowerPoint or some new program is difficult for them. I tried to modify my tutoring to match their ability level. I was always positive and patient. I tutored 54 professors at St. Johns Univ. in Queens, NY and 84 at The College of Mount Saint Vincent, in Riverdale, NY and 23 Medical Doctors on staff at the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine. Tutoring is the only way to go to change a professional's concept of computers, software, iPads, MACS vs PCs, internet, iPhones, Facebook, blogging, etc. That's how I get it done patiently. Dr. M.

While I was a Health Education teacher at a Junior High in Spring Valley, NY, I had the opportunity to serve on a team of teachers that were assigned by the Superintendent of Schools to help a "school Phobic", survive his first year in 7th grade. "School Phobic" means simply afraid of school. Who hasn't had that problem before? In this student's case he had anxiety attacks about going into 7th grade. What we did as a committee was to meet with this student several times a week and help him through courses he was having difficulty with. I personally helped tutor him through General Science for 7th grade. That personal effort made all the difference in the world. When he did not understand a science lab, I took him into the lab when it was empty and show him how to do the experiment properly. It worked. The student stayed in school and got straight "A" for grades. It was a success story.

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