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Many students struggle with reading. Younger students lack the spelling and vocabulary skills to read many books. Older students often lack the necessary comprehension and attention skills to appreciate complex books and articles. Even many adults don't read because they believe it's dull or boring. Luckily, there's an easy way to improve your child's reading skills--read with him! It may sound obvious but many parents neglect this important technique or go about it the wrong way. When children are young, read them simple but interesting books with words they can understand. Once a child starts gaining the ability to read entire sentences, then paragraphs, take turns reading. Reading one page, speaking very slowly, and let your child read the next page. Older children often rush through their reading in hopes of finishing their homework as quickly as possible. Who can blame them--these days, schools assign lots of homework. While it's good for kids to flex their skills as much... read more

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