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Summer Tutoring

SUMMER OPPORTUNITIES Now that students, teachers, parents and tutors have had a chance to catch their breath from final exams, it's time to make use of the weeks we have before school starts back. Consider all that could be accomplished in the next few weeks: Areas of math that students NEVER REALLY GRASPED could be fully explained. This could be elementary skills like adding fractions,... read more


Almost Clear Sailing

Finals have started in the middle and high schools and so the break will soon be here. I'm anxious for my students and my daughter (in 9th grade) who are waiting to see what their final grade will be. While a few weeks off is treasured by teachers and students, the Christmas break is actually an excellent time for students to learn in math what they weren't able to master during the year. Neither... read more


The rewards of tutoring

My Thanksgiving holiday has started out in a wonderful way because two students that I have been helping for a while contacted me to tell me good news. They could have waited until our next session which is when school resumes next week but they wanted me to be happy with them for their success. One student has brought her grade up 36 points since we started two months ago! I know she and her... read more