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Success Rx No. 2: Check your Energy Level

Today's success prescription: Check your energy level. Energy is key to effective studying. Some causes of tiredness may be inadequate sleep, hunger, poor diet, thirst, or overwork. Other health problems may also be the cause; if fatigue is a chronic condition not solved by taking care of the factors mentioned above, you should consult your physician. This will be a short post, but it's just... read more


Success Rx: Do a "Gut Check"

Do you really want to succeed in your studies and tests? Here’s the key: a Gut Check. Simply put, when the going gets tough, keep going. This is what differentiates the Good from the Great. We were not created to merely exist. We were created to thrive and fulfill our potential. It’s the consistent overcoming of obstacles that breaks down barriers to success. When you’re lifting weights, it’s... read more


Tip 1: Eliminate common parts

Welcome to my blog! Tip 1: Eliminate common parts This tip is for comparison questions in the GRE math section. The tip is to eliminate common parts. For example: x>1 Left Side: x+3 Right Side: x2 + 2x – 3 If we factor the right side, we get (x+3)(x-1). Next, see if there are any parts common to both sides. We see that (x+3) is on both sides. Divide... read more