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How did I get so lucky?

I've managed to tutor a number of students this year and it has all been very rewarding and enjoyable. Every now and then, I have seen the proverbial light bulb go off in a student's mind when they start to grasp the subject. It's moments like this that I feel very lucky to have such an opportunity to work with students. It's a really enjoyable experience for me as a tutor and it's a bit reason... read more


Thank you for your attention

If you are reading this, then I have your attention and for that, I am grateful. If you are having any difficulty with various math subjects, I would not only be very happy to help, but also quite grateful for the opportunity to work with you. I'm looking forward to helping you succeed.


Brief history of the multiple choice test

I try to get information from a number of different sources. One of them is the Harvard Business Review podcast. This interview ( occurred just before Thanksgiving. If you jump to roughly the 12:30 mark of the interview, you can get a little bit of background on when and how the multiple choice test was developed. Suffice... read more