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need a little help (answer)

You can add/subtract a multiple of one equation to/from another.  This will let you eliminate a variable.   (1) x + 4y = 8 (2) 5x + 6y = 12   For this problem, we can multiply the first equation by 5: (1) 5*(x+4y) = 5 * 8 (1) 5x + 20y =...


what is the charge in coulombs of the nucleus of a copper atom (answer)

Look at the atomic number of the element copper (Cu).  That is the number of protons in the nucleus (as well as the number of electrons).  Copper is 29.   The elementary charge per proton (or electron) is 1.602x10^-19 coulomb.  This is a positive charge for protons and...


450,000.00-22,000.00=-155,000.00+12,000.00m (answer)

It looks like two brothers each have an account.  One is adding money monthly and the other is making withdrawals.  If that is the case, you left an "m" out of the equation.  Also, is the starting value of one account really a negative number?   First I'll assume...


What's the equation? (answer)

To answer the question you asked, the equation is 5.5x+32=57   If you want to know what x is: 5.5x = 57-32 =25 x = 25/5.5 x = 4.5454...


Rewrite the function y=3px in y=mx+b form (answer)

Susannah,   Yes, the function is linear.  How can you tell?  It's because the term with x in it is just x.  If it had a term with x2 or x3, it would curve instead of being a straight line (linear).   The equation is actually already in slope intercept form...


What is your average speed? (answer)

Average speed is just the total distance traveled divided by the total time.   You already have the total time.  It's 100 + 100 = 200 seconds.   Calculate the two distances, add them together, then divide by 200:   D1 = 100 * 5 = 500 m D2 = 100...


how do you work this problem?a/-9=2 (answer)

Don't let the minus sign confuse you.   Just multiply both sides of the equation by -9:   I'll include extra parentheses for more clarity.   a / (-9) = 2   (a) * (-9) / (-9) = 2 * (-9)   a * 1 = -18   a = -18 &nbs...


Divide Equations (answer)

I can't be sure what form the answer is expected to have. You could divide the numerator and denominator by -4x2: -20x6 - 24x4 - 12x2        5x4 + 6x2 + 3 -----------------------  =   ---------------          -4x4  ...


how do I evaluate natural log functions (answer)

This question is testing your understanding of what a natural logarithm is. There is a special number called "e".  There is some power that you could raise e to that will give you the result of 5.  As a formula, that would look like this: ex = 5. That x is defined...


How to explain why division by zero is undefined.

If we try to divide 2 by 0, why isn't that just infinity? Well, infinity isn't really a number. It's just a concept and it represents a place that you can't ever really get to. Math deals with numbers, and it just can't handle this. Here's a way to think about it. If I divide 20 by 5, I get 4 as the answer. Turning that around, it says that I would need 4 groups of size 5 to make 20. So what... read more


Two trains leaving the station at different times... (answer)

The trick with word problems is to pick them apart to see what you know, then build equations that you can solve.  It takes some practice. In this problem, we know that one train starts two hours before the other one and travels at a known rate. Let's calculate how far it goes in those...


find the y intercept (answer)

Equation of a line: y = mx + b m = slope ("gradient") b = y-intercept You know a pair of values for x and y, so plug them and the slope into the equation and solve for b: Point (x, y) = (-3, 3) m = 3 y =    mx    + b 3 = (3)(-3) +...

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