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I teach an after school SAT course (for the reading and writing sections) and during the last class, I offer the following pieces of advice to my students: SAT TEST: Day of Advice The night before: Take care of your body: - Do not go out - Go to bed early Take care of your brain: - Go to bed early - Do not cram too much. However- reading over the directions may be useful! - Pack your calculator (or two) - Pack your pencils! - Pack your snacks! Morning of: - Do not eat or drink anything out of the ordinary (i.e. coffee, Energy drinks, etc) - Get to the testing center EARLY J (aim for 7:20 just in case) - Print out your ticket- but MOST important- you need your license/ student ID, passport- something! When you get into the room: - Sharpen pencils - Locate the clock! (Don’t count on your proctor to give you the notification you need for each section!) - Relax & Breathe! Essay: - Brainstorm for 2 minutes-... read more

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