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Beginning a literature review can be a daunting task. Simple actions, like researching articles and printing them out can seem impossible! Take it slow and begin with peer reviewed articles, which can be found in educational databases (ERIC/EBSCO) at libraries or on college campus. Make sure to record your search terms and take note of which ones are yielding the best results. Once you have found a selection, go through each article once to glean the most pertinent information. Next, you might highlight 1) the research question 2) research findings 3) impact of the study. This information can then be easily synthesized into summaries for your literature review.

Today we began conducting research using online databases (ESCO/ERIC) to refine search terms (Visual/Auditory/Learners/Cognitive/Styles) and email articles. Next steps are to review the articles and determine which are the most pertinent to your research. The following class will look into research best practices and the literature review. It was a great class!

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