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All too soon the school year is coming to an end. Summer officially began with the Memorial Day weekend. Now it's time for the beaches, barbecues and books. BOOKS??? you say. Yes books. Mathematics being such as it is, we are prone to forget the concepts, formulas and methods we learned over the school year. So my advice is: pick up your Math books regularly during the Summer. Look at those areas you had difficulty with and see if you need help with them. If you do need help feel free to contact your tutor. (Tutors will probably have more flexibility during the summer, especially if they happen to be professional teachers.) If you are more adventurous, see what you will be learning when school starts. The local library may have a copy of the recommended text books which you can borrow. Keeping on top of the subject will make things easier during the up coming year, and help keep those grades up. So have your summer fun but also stay in touch with your Mathematics... read more

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