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I must admit I was unaware of this controversy, but it makes some sense to stop using the constant pi, and to use a new term, tau, instead. Tau is defined as 2 times pi, which would be 6.283.  This is explained in a fun article in a recent Scientific American story:   Tau relates... read more

Shari's explanation is good.  The equation is balanced.  I've replicated her work in the form of a spreadsheet showing the individual element count.  I use this general approach on difficult equations and find it helps with the solution while minimizing errors.  This response...

Hello Mondrea,   I will first assume that you've written the equation properly.  I'm wondering if the expression "253/v + 70" is really "253/(v+70)," for example.  The difference in the two is that the first gives the time to drive 235 miles at...

"America's Science Problem" is the title of an article in the November 2012 issue of Scientific American. It is a surprisingly provocative look at the American political parties and their attitude towards making decisions based on facts. It is at once alarming and funny. Funny, because it is true. The abstract and lead paragraph are copied below. The entire article can be purchased... read more

The rapid race of technology development today is exceptional. It makes teaching both exciting and challenging. It also raises the question of responsibility: should the larger community place some guidelines on what is produced from science? As a scientist, my initial reaction is "no." Historically, political and religious pressures thwarted the adoption of many key ideas for hundreds... read more