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Chemistry in general is one of the more feared subjects in school In addition to math and physics. One must first be disabused of this irrational fear of a subject integral to every portion of life from cooking to driving your car. In the realm of chemistry I often find that organic chemistry ranks at the top of the hated class category because many students do not succeed in the class. What an individual needs is a systematic way of studying for the subject which I cam provide. While the tutoring sessions I provide entail a much more detailed diversion of this method, I will provide those interested with a few tidbits. 1. Study a little bit everyday...this will eliminate the headaches associated with long hours of studying prior to tests and improve scores. 2. Make flash cards or pertinent information...reactions, reagents, functional groups, etc. etc, 3. DO NOT try to learn everything in your book because you will quickly be overwhelmed but rather study the important... read more

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