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help with equation please (answer)

X= QUEEN CITY COFFEE % 1-X = KENYA COFFE %  11.60(1-X) +14.3X =13.91 Opening parenthesis 11.60-11.60X+14.3X=13.91 Subtracting 11.60 both sides of equal sign and rewriting equation. 14.3X-11.6X =13.91-11.60 2.7 X =2.31 DEVIDE BOTH SIDES BY 2.7 TO SOLVE...


percentage problem (answer)

lets take X= Number of books that sylvia sold = 100% Now, Sam's sold 15% more books than sylvia which makes it that sam's sold (100%+15%) =115% when taking % off( simply you devide by 100-----> 115/100 =1.15) that amount of books sold by Sam's =1.15X 1.15x=69 books X=60=...