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Summer is here! Swimming, bike riding, time with family, lazy days, beaches, and sun are what summer memories are made of. However,....................... Statistic: Children who are not academically active during the summer lose an average of 40% of what they learned the year before. Keep yourself/your children sharp during the summer months so they'll be prepared for the coming school year. If they are a bit behind in a particular subject or received a "C" or less, it is recommended that they work on those skills over the summer. It's important to be up to grade level so that the next year does not bring more frustration or even worse grades! If summer tutoring is not an option, be sure to put aside time daily for reading entertaining books, writing letters, and doing a page of math. I recommend picking up a workbook or two from Barnes & Noble to keep things fresh. For the college students: summer courses tend to be more accelerated. If they become... read more

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