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I recently voted on a poll on the WyzAnt site. The question: "Good news: a full mobile site is in the works! Do you ever use WyzAnt on your phone? If so, what sections, features or pages are most important for your mobile usage?" gave a "No" option and a "Yes" along with a text field to insert a particular feature if you voted "Yes." I have been relying more and more on my mobile device to obtain information, and as of late, to arrange information as well. My CPU remains for content creation and the perusal of activities that require a larger viewing area. I applaud all efforts to include mobile media as a main (or at least, important) contender in the considerations to have when structuring the model of message propagation. particularly so with the younger generations that have grown up with hand-held devices and the autonomy of movement.

I have been using Adobe's Photoshop since its earliest incarnations. I have experienced the inherent growing pains that have accompanied the software upon each revision, and how it has bloated up in file size as well as in features. Regardless, it has never failed to make my work enjoyable. In fact, many folk that observe me using Photoshop actually believe that I am "having fun", "playing on the computer", "wasting time", or simply "doodling". Not once have I opened the application dreading the task at hand (Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, ugh). It has helped me produce hard copy content such as for magazines, newsprint, large displays, etc. I have also used it for Web content such as page images, page banners, buttons, and other elements. With the advent of Digital photography, Photoshop has "saved" many a monkey shots that I have re-printed at the local photo processing joint. the software has actually saved me money in many... read more

"Non-rational logic will not go away". -David Byrne, WIRED Magazine, Issue 11.09 | September 2003. In his article, it is obvious that he refers to Microsoft Powerpoint. Obtuse is the proper adjective to label the ├╝ber-program. It begs the question: Do secretaries think this way or is it the bosses whom understand it? I must concur on the fact that whatever you need done to communicate visually, everyone's Powerpoint is very capable to attack the task with good-enough results. According to Mr. Byrne, we have evolved to think in the framework of Powerpoint while living out our daily lives. I recently created an effective Powerpoint presentation that was elemental in closing a lucrative contract. So have countless sales folk around the world, professors at every grade level, and ministers in myriad congregations. My daughter in grade school, and my boss at the Annual Report meeting. I have seen it used for print, for slides, as a video presenter, for automated... read more

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