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Hey everyone! So, I finally have recorded my first hour as a WyzAnt tutor! And I received a 5 star rating! Yes! I had my first session with a student who is taking first year Spanish. The Spanish language can be difficult for students, especially if it is their first foreign language. I was very happy with my student who, although he is having difficulty in his class, showed a great deal of maturity and patience by putting in a great effort during our first tutoring session. We went over the basics, like pronouncing the Spanish alphabet and practicing popular phrases like "Me gusta/no me gusta" and "Yo soy/No soy." The activity, which was all about identifying your personality, likes and dislikes (in Spanish, of course) also helped me learn more about my student. We found that we have a lot of commonalities- for example, we both like to play basketball! (or Nos gusta el baloncesto!) The mother of my student seemed very nice, and treated me courteously... read more

Hello everyone! As we head into another school year, I wanted to start my own school year off with a little summary of my teaching experiences over the summer. For the past five years, I have been working with various camps during the summer. Over the past three years, I've been working with academic camps (sometimes affectionately known as "nerd camps"). This year I worked at Princeton University, and had one of the most extraordinary summers! It is amazing as to how many intelligent, committed young people there are in today's world. We get so hung up on Generation X, Y, and Z being lazy, unmotivated, and heading in the wrong direction... but these students prove those assumptions and stereotypes dead wrong! During the second part of my summer, I enjoyed my fifth year working for the New York Foundling's summer camp called "Camp Felix." Camp Felix caters to children of the New York Foundling, who are often involved in foster care and preventative services... read more

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