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Reading Aloud - An Invaluable Skill!

Reading Aloud: Moms and Dads! Reading aloud is one of the best things you can do with your elementary school child or middle school student. Through practice aloud, a child learns to dramatize his/her reading, giving the words and paragraphs life. As his/her fluency and expressiveness grow, and he/she is no longer just "decoding" (figuring out) words, comprehension grows by leaps and bounds. The goal is fluency, expression and intonation (voice modulation - soft and louder where appropriate). A tutor can develop this skill and optimize the comprehension that comes with the fluent, fully engaged reading. It is impossible to overestimate all the imaginative, thinking and questioning power this one simple technique gives a child. I am available to teach and develop your child in his/her reading skill - and to help you continue to do what I do when I'm not there.

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