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What Made Dr. King, Jr. a Great Speaker?

As we celebrate the birthday of noted Civil Rights leader—Dr. Martin Luther King in January, 2012—it is fitting we look at the speaking techniques that made him one of the greatest speakers of all time. Because these tend to overlap, I'll focus on two (2) inter-related elements: 1. powerful use of metaphor 2. eloquent language Regarding the use of metaphor, the American Civil Rights... read more


How Should You Organize Your Speech?

Why organize your speech? If your speech is organized, you help your audience understand, follow and remember the main ideas of your speech. Conversely, a disorganized speech quickly frustrates your audience—causing them to immediately tune you out early. Thus, they will hardly remember the main ideas you are trying to convey—and you will have simply wasted your time. The following... read more


Speech Introduction Must Show Topic Relevancy to Audience

Many speakers do not explain how their speech topic is personally relevant to the interests of their audience and listeners. The great thing is that most can be made relevant—or more relevant— to the personal interests of the audience. Let's make this Introduction more relevant to the audience. Introduction: In 2009, approximately 11K innocent victims were killed due to drunk driving... read more