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I have two students who are just about ready to take the ASVAB, finishing up their prep courses with me and on to bigger and better things. The shutdown delayed things for many recruits, but things are back to normal now! Having these two phase out also means I have space in my schedule again. I'm now taking new students Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning/early afternoon.

I've heard this sentiment over and over--sometimes from students, and sometimes, I'll admit, in my own head. Last night, I was working on my own math homework, and there was one problem I just couldn't get my head around. I read the book, looked back at my class notes, and even sat down with a tutor for a while, and still, when I tried a new problem of the same type on my own, it just didn't work! "Maybe I'm not as good at math as I thought," I told myself. "Am I REALLY smart enough for bioengineering?" It was hard, but I told myself "YES!" And I kept working. I laid the assigned problems aside and started doing other problems of the same type from the book. I checked my work every time. Each problem took at least ten minutes to solve, and the first three were ALL wrong! I kept going. I got one right, and it made sense! I did another, and it was half right, but there was still a problem. I did another, and it was right! Eventually... read more

My last session with a student is always exciting. When Colton came to me, he'd taken the ASVAB a couple times, scoring below the minimum of 30 each time. After some hard work and preparation, Colton's practice ASVAB score is up above 60, and tomorrow morning he goes to take the full-length test. When he passes, his career as a sailor will finally begin. Colton's been working hard for months, and his hard work is finally going to pay off. As for me, the hard work is done, and I get to watch another student graduate into service. So far I have yet to have an ASVAB student who failed to double their score, but it's still a great moment when it actually happens.

I've been working with Devon since the very first week of school. Devon is a Junior in high school, and last year he failed many of his classes. This year he and his parents were determined to turn his bad grades around, so they brought me in two days a week for the whole first semester. Devon and I work primarily on Geometry and History, but we also work on his other coursework as necessary. This week we got the news that in one semester, Devon went from all Ds and Fs to all As and Bs! I'm so proud of the work he's done and the great grades he's gotten on his exams.

I've been working with Elizabeth for about two months, helping her prepare for a retake of the ASVAB. This week Elizabeth got the news that she's passed the exam and is on course to enter the Navy! Congratulations to Elizabeth for her hard work and patriotism!

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