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1/3(x + 9) = 12 (answer)

    The question is 1/3 ( x + 9 ) = 12.  You want to find out the value of x. The way I sometimes teach the idea behind solving an equation is to first walk through it step-by-step in words: 1. This statement is telling you that one-third of the value of x +...


Since English and it's counterpart Writing figure among my most important tutoring subjects, I am pleased to announce here that my new novel is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. In about eight weeks, it will be in stores. For those who wish to keep score, that makes two novels and one edited story collection out the door on top of my decades-long publishing history in magazines... read more


September marks 40 years since I drew up my first lesson plan at the age of ten for an ESL student who needed help in English, reading comprehension, math and study skills. By then I was blessed with a college reading level and felt extremely fortunate to have a formal opportunity to volunteer in helping my slightly younger peers. By twenty a college had hired me to tutor the accounting material... read more