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For decades, if not longer, we've all learned to use "Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally" (PEMDAS) to remember the order of operations. A couple years ago, I sensed a need to develop another mnemonic to assist students in solving multi-step equations. With assistance from my wife, we came up with FEAST on DELICIOUS LASAGNA and VEGETABLES; AUNT SALLY MADE DESSERT.  (Not all equations will use all of the steps. If a step doesn't apply, just skip it!) 1. FEAST - Fractions and Decimals - If there are two or more terms with fractions or decimals, it will almost always be easier to solve the equation if you get rid of them first. - If the equation includes two or more decimals, multiply EACH AND EVERY TERM in the whole equation (decimal or not) by the power of 10 which will clear all of them. For example, if you have a variable term with a coefficient of 2.5 and a constant of 2.75, multiply each and every term by 100. - If the equation has two or more... read more

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