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The Saga Begins You crack open your textbook. Let's say Chapter 11 on the gases. With breathless anticipation, you are now ready to understand the mysteries of these tiny particles that inhabit the air, and you can not see. This time your plan is to get ahead. You plan on reading the entire chapter, and learning it all. Yet, like the last semester, when faced with an entire chapter of in depth information, lots of equations, diagrams and graphs, with circles and arrows and captions below each one, you once again experience the same sinking feeling you had like the feeling you remember fifteen minutes before the last test. No one will question your desire and diligence. The problem is, although you have been given notes in the lecture, or maybe even an uploaded set of PowerPoint slides from the lecture, you have not been given a systematic method of how you should use the textbook. Please throw away the highlighter pens and flash cards. The phrase you will... read more

An important piece I bring to the table in terms of tutoring is the fact each student is a unique individual, which may be better reached by creative thought concerning what will help them master the material of their subject. It also matters a great deal what their personal goals are in learning a subject. The teaching approach can be tailored in a way that addresses both what they want to learn, and the best way for them to learn it. This is certainly the advantage of having a tutor. In addition to helping them with a specific subject, I also seek to imbue students with the kind of study skills that will benefit them to not only do well in the course, but skills which will benefit them through out their professional development.

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