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Erica H.'s Resources


Help with Spelling

Identify all 20 consonant letters of the alphabet. (Consonant letters make the sound.)   Identify 2 for 1 consonant combinations (two letters one sound). Highlight all consonant combinations one color.   Identify 6 short and long vowels of the alphabet.  Highlight short vowels one color and long vowels a separate color.   Identify vowel combinations... read more


Teachers That I Am Most Thankful For (WWTK)

Mr. Utz was my Algebra instructor at UAFS.  He taught me valuable lessons in Algebra that I am able to share with my TANF Literacy Initiative students who are striving for their GEDs and Career Readiness Certicates.   The other teacher from my past that I am thankful for is Mrs. Rhonda Grey.  She taught me lifelong lessons in English IV honors which are part of my everyday... read more