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You may not be a student, but a business person who needs an Excel spreadsheet designed or repaired. I can help. I have designed 1000s of spreadsheets that help you be effective (or look good) on the job. In most cases, it may only take an hour or two. Larger jobs can be estimated. My work includes, price schedules, scheduling, invoice, inventory reports, vendor performance reports, planning and forecasting, sales and product analysis. I use Excel features such as lookup tables, pivot tables, filters and drop down menus. For examples of my work, or to discuss your individual challenge, contact me.

NEED TO DO MAIL MERGE TOMORROW? I can teach you to do it TODAY. My most recent assignment included setting up letters, envelopes and labels that were Mail Merged from both Excel and Word recipient files. Formatting the mail merge fields and instructing my client how to do this effortlessly in the future. - Envelopes - Labels - Selecting recipients - Sorting recipients - Creating merge fields - Content controls - and printing options I'll make it easy.

Pivot Tables can be one of the most powerful data summarization and management tools you can learn. A recent job search using "pivot tables" as a keyword, yielded over 50 jobs that required knowledge of pivot tables. Often, tables of data are presented with 100s - even 1000s of rows and pivot tables provide a way to "slice and dice" and reorganize the data in a few keystrokes. I can train you to how, when, and why you should use pivot tables. If you are a business person, I can design spreadsheet models using pivot tables for your job. Learn pivot tables. It's a real time saver.

STUDENTS: Need help writing a marketing plan, business paper or analyzing a case study? I can help. I can guide you through the process and provide as much help as you need. Concept, ideas, research, outline preparation, proofing, editing, charts, tables and graphs to enhance your papers. Proficient in both APA and MLA guidelines. * Marketing papers * Business Cases * Term papers * Corporate Finance/Valuation Papers * White Papers * PowerPoint Presentations * Case studies BUSINESS MANAGERS: Are you a business owner or manager and need a report, white paper, or great looking presentation? Contact me. I can help. Give me a call we can discuss.

All of my Excel tutoring students receive a free file that contains numerous Excel functions.  These include:   HLOOKUP VLOOKUP IRR PMT IF statements IF(AND statements IF(OR COUNTIF COUNTA GOAL SEEK SCENARIO MANAGER 3D REFERENCE NESTED IF statements SUMIF AVERAGEIF GROUPING PASTE SPECIAL MULTIPLE SORTING examples ABSOLUTE REFERENCE    Each "tab" has examples of and how to use the functions.  Use as a resource now, and the in the future.    

So, how am I different? One difference is my approach to tutoring. Every student receives the following: 1. ASSESSMENT. In depth assessment to determine previous background, and current knowledge, education, skills and abilities. 2. NEEDS ANALYSIS. Each student will have a needs analysis to determine your needs and expectations (not mine). 3. LEARNING STYLE. Lastly, I strive to teach based on each student's learning style. Are you a visual learner? Would you rather have more "hands on" training? Do you need to receive the instruction s-l-o-w-l-y? Would you rather learn in "your order" not mine?" No problem. These are just some of the methods that make my tutoring style different, a way to guarantee that you receive maximize benefit and value from your tutoring experience.

I have hundreds of tools that can be used to simplify and amplify your business management knowledge and skills. Not just a tutor, but a coach and trainer with over twenty years experience training and mentoring. Marketing and Strategic Management Tools: - PEST Analysis - SWOT Analysis - Value Chain Analysis - Porter's Five Competitive Forces - Competitive Advantage ... and many more

New to Visio? I am a tutor that can show you not only how to use Visio, but also how to use Visio to be successful in your job. I can answer the differences between Visio and PowerPoint and why Visio is such a good tool. Flow Charts, Organization Charts, Process Maps, Mind Maps, schematics and drawings. I can take you through initial setup through a review of all basic, intermediate and advanced Visio.

A local management support organization recently hired me to conduct training in Strategic Marketing to participants in a seminar. I developed the curriculum, prepared the presentation and handouts, and conducted the training in short notice. My marketing experience, knowledge and skills can be tapped as a tutor for your needs, too.

I recently was hired by an online computer supplies firm to redesign their Excel spreadsheets they were using in the order processing area. I was able to redesign and turn around the project within a few hours. My Excel design and formatting skills enabled me to provide this customer a fast and efficient turnaround.

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