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Internet Search Technology

Internet Search Tutoring? Hey, what’s that about? Today we look at the Internet for so many things and for students it’s the happy hunting ground for almost everything. But where do you start to find what you’re looking for and how do you go about it? You can waste a lot of time on the Web if you’re not careful. I was one of the first chat hosts on the Internet back in the early 1980’s when it all got started. I had a publishing chat. I was a literary agent and learned about the indexing of all the information that makes up the World Wide Web. There are many choices of search tools. Google is great, but it’s not the only one and you should know how to choose your tools and filter the information in advanced searches. It makes your studies much more dynamic and easier. Term papers come alive as you learn how to search. You drill through the data and get to the information you really need. What used to take weeks takes minutes when you know what you’re doing. I... read more

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