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Knowing What Kind of Students we Have is Half the Battle.

Kids don't come with an instruction manual. Many parents did not have the oppurtunity to go to college for one reason or another so they do their best. This blog is for parents most educators get this information in credentailing classes. So parents welcome. As a teacher I must figure out early in September what kinds of learners my students are because this information makes my job easier... read more


Making History engaging for our students

For many of us remembering back to high school History classes can be painful. The material was presented in a dry manner having students remember dates and places. This has always been a problem with teaching History because students are given the similar information year after year. So how do we address this problem? For a History teacher who wants to engage their students it means a lot... read more


Helpful History Concept

One of the big questions students have is why do people follow controversial leaders? By using the concept of a "Hero or a Villain" we can make history easy to understand for our students. With this concept students have an opportunity to the actions of leaders from both their supporters and opponents view points. In this way students gain a well rounded and knowledgeable basis for... read more