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I have given myself three weeks to go on a songwriting marathon - a "binge," if you will. Why? Because these are the only weeks I have this summer where I actually have enough free time to get in songwriting gear. You see, patience is half the battle when it comes to writing a song. To have patience, it helps to have few distractions to take you away - whether they be work, performances, or travel plans. Of course, songwriting also takes that right "ah-ha!" moment. Goodness knows I've gotten there at many inopportune times (driving the car, for example!). But writing a good song, more importantly, takes time and the ability for the mind to wander and focus. Yes, this sounds contradictory. But it's not! If you're constantly worrying about something else in your life, you can't free your mind to come up with those creative thoughts that churn the perfect lyric, or form a catchy melody. So far, I have averaged a song per week. It may sound impressive,... read more

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