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Knowledge is power...   To that end, it is always a good idea to find out what you're working with. What are your biggest challenges... Where are you... Where do you want to be?   The following self-evaluation can help you answer some of those questions:   1.    What career field are you in?  2.    What is your current job title?  3.    How long have you been in this position?  4.    What are your primary responsibilities? 5.    What is the most interesting part of your job? 6.    In what way will skills-development improve your job performance, and opportunities for advancement?    _________________________________       I have been teaching skills-development courses for many years and would love an opportunity to assist you in achieving your professional... read more

A Compelling Experience Individual skills development is essential to socio-economic transformation, and a key driver in international competitiveness. My training courses can help you compete in the global economy. The world has gotten smaller... Think Bigger! THE PROGRAM Introduction to specific modules of communication strategies through tasks and activities that support immediate application of each concept. THE OUTCOME Change in communication style that results in increased language fluidity, more professional correspondence, and higher test scores. THE INVESTMENT SERENITY SERIES: Examine your needs ... Exercise your dormant talents ... Dream your dreams! Flawless Workshop- $150 (2-days) Motherhood Seminar -$60 Financial Freedom workshop - $60 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: $400 per 16-hour course ~ Private Instruction ~ Industry-specific vocabulary ~ Certificate of Completion ACADEMIC TEST PREPARATION: Each session includes... read more