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The NCLEX Lady

I am curious to see if any other nursing tutors out there feel that nursing schools today just aren't teaching effectively? It seems to me that the content is being diluted by technology. What I mean by that is, it seems to me that if instructors assign enough busy work (like visiting websites, downloading "their" powerpoints, and having students listen to bits of previous recorded audio), they consider that teaching. In fact, I have encountered several nursing students who have shown me the material that the instructors have given them, and, believe it or not, I have seen the material before on the internet (and not from their .edu website). Now, I realize that content is content, but come on. The major problem that I have with this type of instruction (or lack thereof), is that these students are having to get tutoring to learn the material that they should have learned in school. I believe that the reason NCLEX pass rates have decreased in recent years is because... read more

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