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The best material to use for getting the highest possible score in the SAT math sections is the Study Guide (blue cover) put out by the College Board, the people who make up and administer the test. This book has 8 practice tests. A student that does all of the questions in the math sections and understands how each question is to be done will be ready to reach his/her full potential on test day. The College Board web ( site also allows a student to sign up for the "question of the day". Any student serious about increasing their score will "subscribe" to receiving the question of the day in their e-mail box each day. The SAT Math test is essentially an algebra test and the student must hone their algebra skill and use it in answering almost all SAT math questions. I usually find that 8 hours of preparation with a tutor is more than adequate for most students. If cost is an issue I have found that tutoring a pair of students works well... read more

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