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Hi Parents... The BEST way to keep your kids involved, & not lose any 'brain function' over the summer months, is to keep them busy with both ELA (English Language Arts) & Maths (algebra, geometry, basic math, etc.). You can take the easy route for Maths by using (free for most of the site - yay!!) for your kids to 'drill' every day in math - whatever is... read more

WyzAnt wants to know... If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of academic or professional advice, what would it be? -DON'T be so serious!! Have more fun! Life is short... -take time to -wonder- at the universe in all its glories and strangenesses - look at the platypus and wonder "God, what in the world were you thinking with the platypus and armadillo... read more

Some books that I have found to be very useful for parents, whether that is to help your child become organized or just better understand where your child is 'coming from'...these can help you help them. ;-) I would also recommend calling Half Price Books, to see if they have a copy. If you can wait a week, they might be able to get a copy from another store. To help your child to 'get... read more

This area is for students or parents, especially those that are willing to put forth the effort to learn more, and be a better student, to achieve more ;-) To help my students I normally assign them 5 new words a day. Whether they open a physical dictionary or go to the links below, the important thing is that they learn and use new words. Tools ------ - a handy resource... read more

I find most folks today (kids & adults) have the most difficulty in reading and comprehension of what they are reading. Much of that is due to a lack of reading, most folks do not know much in the way of vocabulary (beyond every day useage) and that really hurts them when they come to testing. I also note that most folks don't put much time into reading for pleasure. And the GREAT thing... read more