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Alas! You have to take the GRE in order to get into the program of your choice. Keep in mind that if you do not prepare well, you may have to take the test again, which will cost you probably around $200 or more. If you do not prepare well and it sets your studies back a year, that could cost you a year of earning potential in your lifetime. That's not a fun math problem. Maybe you need that extra year to prepare, but if you are ready, why go at the GRE in a less than 100% manner?   Let's say you already have your fall date set and you have two months or less to prepare for the exam. Here is what I recommend. Research the GRE stats of the university you are considering. Contact your POI (person of interest) and find out how well you need to perform on the GRE. If you need to score in the 90th percentile in the quantitative portion, that's something you need to know. Your POI may say that you need to score in the 60th, but if everyone who was admitted in... read more

It seems most fitting to blog about what is first and foremost in my field of expertise: the Catholic faith. Oftentimes, high school students walk into a religion classroom with the expectation of receiving an "A" simply because the student is an "A" student or that the grade will reflect the student's own personal level of devotion or that religion class is for sitting in circles, holding hands, and singing campfire songs. This is not the case. Students, and parents, often find this out the hard way. As students progress through high school the classes they take increase in difficulty throughout the curriculum, and so it is with religion classes as well. "But religion class is supposed to be easy!" many will object. Where is that written? I got a Master's degree in the field, and there were many, many difficult concepts. Sadly, many students perform poorly in their religion classes because of some form of this type of mental "logic": 'I... read more

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