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I am finding it useful now, after two months as a tutor, to make a mention of my general practices. I guess I'm rarely asked about this, and only deal with it as it comes, but here it goes... Usually I evaluate the students' skills first, before I suggest which preparation book to use, as each has different advantages/disadvantages. It is not necessary, though useful, to buy and own the book student will use to study with. Amazon has great deals compared to store prices. Plan to buy books there or at a used bookstore. Regarding classes, my hours are flexible, though I do prefer daytime/afternoon hours rather than evenings. I prefer to meet at a public place in St. Louis Metro Area, like Barnes and Noble, Panera/Bread Co, etc. If you have more questions for me, please ask. My cancellation policy is that the class be cancelled 24hrs in advance, if a cancellation is made later than that, I will charge for a full hour of study; exception is obvious emergencies, i.e.... read more

Learning the Russian alphabet is essential. It can be an easy language to learn to speak because: 1. its is written as it is pronounced, no hidden meaning and very few exceptions 2. there is no verb "to be" as used in English, "I am" 3. there are no definite or indefinite articles alike "the" or "a/an" However, its also a very hard language because grammar can be near impossible, as there are so many cases, like pejorative and locations, etc. I feel that with a good teach anyone can learn to read and speak in a matter of a few months.

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