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I think that this is a subject that is often over-looked: the student-tutor match. And its importance can be emphasized enough. FOR STUDENTS There's nothing more important than finding the right tutor for yourself or your child. It's not something that you can tell over the phone, but it's something that you should notice within the first week, possibly the first lesson: how well are the two connecting? Does the tutor have enough patience? Some people require a lot more repetitions than others or a lot more repeats. There's nothing wrong with that; it's just the way you may be wired to learn. Some people just work better together. If your tutor makes you nervous or uncomfortable, that does not create a good work environment. If you feel like your tutor is talking down to you, that doesn't either. But maybe it's simpler than that. Maybe nothing's wrong exactly, but you just don't click. You'll know it when you find it. If you've found a tutor you love, who is perfect for you,... read more

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