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I have been responding to a lot of requests recently, yet got no further reply thereafter. Some students just wrote me that my rate is higher than others. Well, I have some say there, as I had students before who came back to me after they tried other tutors. The question is, would you rather pay more for a short time or pay less for a longer period of time? First, some students do not have a clear goal of the "deadline," which means they do not know to what extent they need to learn about certain subjects and until which date they need to achieve this goal. They would set up a schedule for one or two 1-hr lessons each week and see where it takes. The result is, after a long time, or after they couldn't make it to the classes for some time, they would lose their urge and quit the classes. In this way, they waste the money spent on previous sessions, even if they pay a less-than-usual rate. On the other hand, some students know what they are going to do and... read more

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