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In addition to being a tutor, I am a certified children’s yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching yoga to children ages 2 to 18. I received my certification from Karma Kids Yoga in NYC and co-founded and ran the company Live Free2Be, which delivered yoga and arts enrichment programs and events, for children, families, schools and corporate clients for 4 years in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. I am currently teaching yoga at local preschools, fitness and dance centers and also provide private in-home yoga sessions. Having developed and taught yoga programs to children, I have seen firsthand the benefits of yoga and how it can nurture a child's development on all levels-mind, body and spirit. Children naturally love yoga because it is a fun, healthy form of play that promotes health, balance, concentration and self-esteem. Yoga for children is quickly gaining popularity in education and has become part of the classroom in many schools throughout the country. Yoga... read more

As an educator and tutor, it is essential to identify my students’ learning styles and adapt my lessons to motivate them to learn in their own unique way. Understanding your child’s learning style can help you understand them better and be able to provide the guidance they need to succeed in school and in life. The following are some helpful TIPS provided by educator June Griswold to motivate your child based on their learning style. See if you can recognize your own child's style(s) from the following descriptions: -SPATIAL VISUAL LEARNER -- Needs and likes to visualize things; learns through images; enjoys art and drawing; reads maps, charts and diagrams well; fascinated with machines and inventions; likes mazes and puzzles. Often accused of being a daydreamer in class. MOTIVATING TIPS -- Use board games and memory devices to create visual patterns. In reading, suggest visual clues. Offer picture books of all types; when reading chapter books together, encourage visualization... read more

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