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One of the highest praise that a customer can give to someone in the service department is "went above and beyond." This post is my philosophy in my current job and tutoring. Tutoring is a service, and in service unlike a job, there is progression rather than completion. I always ask myself how can I go "above and beyond" for my students? What else can I do to assist them outside the one hour or two hour sessions? My passion in high end retail service greatly influence my approach to tutoring. The meet and greet allow proper introduction. Ask meaningful questions to find out what the student needs. For me to sell a $5,000 suit, I need to know what does the customer prefer, significant event, style preference, etc... Be directive and offer expertise is the next step. A tutor need to take the reign and lead the student. Start from the basic and do not assume anything. Every class teaches a subject differently. However, clear... read more

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