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Students often do not understand why the amino acid sequence in a given protein is important to its biological function. Students know that proteins are the macromolecules responsible for carrying out biological activities, but they do not always understand the impact that the amino acid sequence has in the specificity of that biological function. In order to explain the relationship between amino acid sequence and protein function, we can learn a lot from our alphabet. I have always found it interesting that so many words can be made from the 26 letters. The letters are organized into words of varying lengths but all words use the same 26 letters. However, the sequence of letters in words are very important to the meaning we associate with them. For example, take the words "home" and "hone". The only difference is the third letter in the sequence of these words, yet these words have very different meanings. In the word "home" the third letter... read more

I remember taking Physics while I was in college. I avoid physics in high school because I thought that it was too hard for me. I heard other high schools students talking about the course and it sounded hard. I thought that only people with a natural gift for science or physics would do well in this subject. In high school, I saw that the students that were doing well in physics were doing well in other subjects. I had avoided the subject for as long as I could and now I had to take the course in college because it was a requirement. I remember that during the first day of class, I knew that this professor would be different. At the start of the class he went through the normal course logistics: class requirements, drop dates, etc. Then he started teaching. He summarized the first chapter for the class in a few simple sentences. Then he said "All that means in english is _____". That was the first time an instructor was able to summarize the material so clearly... read more

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