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Instead of pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in education, I obtained a teaching credential in math. I found this made the most sense as I already had a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Business Administration and I wanted to be a math teacher. Without a degree in math I had to pass two subject exams, CSET I and II, and observe 45 hours of instruction before being accepted into the credential program. The two years of study and student teaching were very valuable. They positively impacted my understanding of how students learn and what challenges they face in today's classrooms. I also gained a much deeper appreciation for what teachers must complete daily or weekly in order to meet campus, district, and even state requirements.

There are two different ways I have used my computer's webcam: 1) When I discovered that one of my employers was offering an on-line tutorial, I immediately enrolled. The day of the session occurred and as part of the login for the webcast, my computer's camera was activated. The presenter and the employer were able to verify all in attendance. 2) Last year I applied for a position and was interviewed using Skype. The Hiring Manager and I both sat at our terminals and covered all of the details of the job. As I got hired, it is another success story for having my computer camera. I look forward to the day when I will be able to provide instruction and facilitate discussions using the webcam on my system. To the future - Anicia H

Recently I was able to provide a local corporate client several training sessions using Microsoft Outlook. I gained new respect for the product and its features in a network environment. For my own scheduling I often am away from a computer when receiving the call. I use my phone and a good "old-fashioned" pocket paper calendar to keep track of four part-time jobs. I love what I do and this has proved to be the most efficient for me! Anicia H

When I made the decision to pursue a teaching credential, I decided to slowly work my way through the requirements of being accepted into the teaching program at Calif State University, Stanislaus as I was working as a full-time college instructor. I missed passing the first Calif subject exam in math (CSET 1) by 16 points! So, my dear husband took on more household chores as I studied even more, attended preparatory workshops and and finally passed it the second time in a breeze. Then I took on-line classes at Delta College to prepare for the statistics portion of the second exam (CSET 2). I also continued attended the preparatory workshops offered by CSU, Stanislaus. I passed the second exam on the first try! Then it was into the classroom evenings and weekends for two years learning about curriculum, teaching methodologies and techniques to assist special learners. I completed one year as a math intern teacher at Stagg High School. That experience was followed up... read more

Learning a new language can be similar to learning how to drive a car.... there's lots of rough spots, stops and starts and white knuckles. Algebra is the "language of math." If you or your child is experiencing difficulty in math, part of the challenge might be no one has laid out the fundamentals for you. I remember my youngest son as a teenager saying in pure frustration, "I don't need to know about any x, y or z!!" Now he is a paramedic and can truly say every day as he administers medicines to save lives he is using ratios, combining percents without realizing that in fact he is using that dreaded "x, y and z!" There is no mystery to math; fortunately it's just like solving a puzzle, it just takes time one piece at a time or one problem one step at a time. My favorite math mentor has a quote on her wall: "Inch by inch math is a cinch, yard by yard math is hard." Please take the time to explore and relax with math. Learn... read more

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