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Corresponding angles

I have recently started using various types of hand motions to help students understand rules about angles. I illustrated the concept of corresponding angles to a student by forming an angle with one hand in a horizontal and the other in an upward slanted position, then sliding the horizontally positioned hand down the slanted one, so that the hand would be in the position of various different parallel lines. I find that doing such motions helps me to better understand some problems, and I believe that showing the motions to students and having them imitate them will help them to do well in geometry class..


I try to keep my students motivated during the summer months by reminding them of the applications of academics to everyday life, and by encouraging them to keep their career and life goals in mind at all times.

Order of operations

Today I had my first chance to share a new technique I have learned with a student. My current calculus professor advised my class to forget "pemdas" and use "gemdas," where the word "parentheses" was replaced by "groups." These groups include brackets, braces expressions under a square-root bar and expressions within a logarithm. The student I worked with today seemed to think this mnemonic made sense, and rapidly improved her skills with problems involving logarithms. I anticipate using "gemdas" in future lessons.

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