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Reading as a Family

A few months ago a concerned mom shared that her children, who were at the time my creative writing students, do not like to read when she asks them to. She added that they become spacey and can’t answer her follow up questions for discussion. She also wanted to know if I had any suggestions for her. Well, of course I had! I suggested to her what... read more


Get rid of video games get higher grades!

      As students and teachers it is our hard earned right to take the summer to relax and have fun. As a student myself I find it hard to adjust to “back to school” and the biggest struggle I see among my students is that they cannot break through their summer addiction of playing video games. Last year I literally had to drag a student from the monitor... read more


Money Saving Tips for Teenagers

To all my teenagers who are working over the summer, may I suggest something? Yes? Great! I had my first paying job at the age of 16, it was a low paid summer job, but it taught me how to be disciplined about money and save a portion of my earnings. When you get paid make sure you divide your paycheck into 3: 1/3—pay for expenses 1/3—leave for daily spending 1/3 save for the... read more


WyzAnt wants to know If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of academic or professional advice, what would it be?

WyzAnt wants to know: If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of academic or professional advice, what would it be? If I could go back in time and give my younger self one piece of academic or professional advice, I would tell myself to study more, get involved in more school activities and be more social and motivated to achieve something special. I started going... read more


Why are there different citation styles? (answer)

We have to use citation in our written and researched works in order to avoid plagiarism. Different citation styles are used in different scholarly works. It also depends on the preference of your teacher/professor. Here's a website that can help you learn about different forms of citations and...


Success with Journaling

I get calls and inquiries from parents complaining that their children are lacking writing skills and I ask them what they are doing to help their child write better. Pause ... I usually get an answer that goes something like this, “well ... we thought to hire a tutor.” It’s the wrong answer, here’s why. When your child is old enough to write, lets say 1st grade because children already... read more


Back to School Workbooks

Your children are going back to school, some of them, are excited, some might hate school some might love it, and some are looking forward to seeing their friends and making new ones. Whatever the situation might be it is your job as parents to make sure your child's school year goes as smoothly as possible, of course you can't control what happens at school, but you can control what happens... read more