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2013 College Admissions for My Clients

This was another banner year for my client admits: Amherst, University of Alabama, Arcadia University, Art Institute of Chicago, Barnard, Coastal Carolina University, Columbia College Chicago, University of Delaware, Drexel University (multiple admissions), Fordham University, Guilford College (multiple admissions), Hofstra University, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (multiple admissions),... read more


College Counseling Admission Success Stories

Here is a list of colleges to which my clients have been admitted: American University, Amherst, University of Alabama, Arcadia University, Art Institute of Chicago, Barnard, Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, Columbia College Chicago, University of Delaware, Drexel University (multiple admissions), Drew University, Elon (multiple admissions), Fashion Institute of Technology,... read more


Is wikipedia now a reliable source to use for academic papers? (answer)

I actually was asked to write an article about this issue for The Washington Post.  It ended up being syndicated by several newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Morning News and others.  I hope it proves helpful as you ponder this question. The Washington Post Wikiality...


Why first generation and international students need college counselors

Are you the first person in your family to go to college in the United States? If so, you may be the type of student who would directly benefit from an independent college counselor. Navigating the process may be difficult for not only you, but also for your parents. Most importantly for these students is to have someone help them know the range of colleges available to them, as well as how... read more


Is Your School Abusing the Use of the SAT?

One of the most disappointing testing situations happening is the trend among some schools to encourage freshmen and sophomores to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Too frequently, I receive calls from demoralized students and parents who are unhappy with the low scores such students obtain on these tests. This is because the test is not appropriate for those grade levels. The SAT is... read more


What Is Your Teen doing this Summer? Their colleges will care...

Can you believe it? In just three more months, it will be summer and your child advances one more year toward graduation and college. If he or she is a junior, think long and hard about the student's plans for the summer. Summers are one of the few opportunities for your child to select how to spend free time; colleges look at summer pursuits as a key indicator of student initiative, independence... read more


Are You Ready for the SAT and SAT IIs?

Do you plan to take the SAT or SAT II subject area tests in the fall? Do you want more affordable tutoring by working with me individually or by forming your own small group of no more than 5 students? Contact me to register for small group classes or one-on-one tutoring. Below are the recommended number of sessions and what will be covered. Group pricing: $275 for all five sessions/$60 for... read more


The PSAT--Why it is important for your child in early high school

The PSAT---have you heard of it? Do you have a child in the tenth or 11th grade? Has anyone mentioned this test to you? The PSAT---or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test---is one of the most important tests in the college application process, yet it is often overlooked by counselors and parents. The PSAT gives your child a chance to experience what the SAT would be like, and starting in junior... read more


Summer Reading Clubs for Middle and High School---Consider registering now

Summer is a time for vacation and fun, but alas, studies have shown that it can also be a time where kids lose a lot of the gains they made in reading and writing during the previous academic year. Find a way to maintain reading and writing skills for your child this summer by creating a book club. This book club can be managed for you by a tutor from WyzAnt and include just siblings, your... read more


Certified or Not? Does Certification Really tell the Quality of a Teacher?

As the federal government plays more of a role in the funding and standards associated with public education, there has been increasing scrutiny around whether or not a teacher has been "certified" to teach. Such "certification" usually involved passing a series of PRAXIS tests in the subject area and taking continuing education credits related to methods of teaching. Supposedly,... read more


Pre-AP Classes now forming

One of the smartest things any student can do is use the summer to get ready for courses that may be challenging during the regular school year. Consider taking a Pre-AP class or using Pre-AP tutoring. I will offer this summer mini-courses in AP Art History, AP U.S. History and AP Government to get students over the most challenging concepts in the course they will experience when they take... read more


Celebrating College Admissions for my Clients: Bryn Mawr, Hampton, Howard, Occidental plus

One of the greatest joys of the private college advising process is celebrating how things turn out for your clients at the end. This 2010-2011 school year, I helped students apply to over 30 colleges. I am pleased to say that all of my advisees who have heard so far gained admission to their top choices: Bryn Mawr, Hampton, Howard, Occidental, University of Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Today... read more


Juniors and Seniors---Get Ready for College this Summer

Summer is a time to have fun and relax, but think about using a small portion of it to begin planning for college. Seniors, this is a perfect time to visit some of your college choices and to begin your college essays. For both juniors and seniors, it is a great time to take your first cut at the SAT, or SAT Subject Area test. Work with a tutor to take a practice test, assess your results,... read more