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Though grammar is not the most important skill, grammar is an incredibly important factor for how we are perceived. I like to review grammar with my students for a few reasons: 1) so that they may present themselves professionally and diplomatically, 2) to prepare them for the sentence errors section on the SAT, and 3) to improve their communication confidence and skills. As my students look at areas such as subject-verb agreement, they are able to recognize errors commonly spoken by peers and the media, as well as their own errors. Most professionals know when to use "well" and when to use "good." This again, is grammar. Another example is correctly using adverbs. I love the moments my students have of self revelations: "You mean, I should say I did badly on a test, not bad?" They like the light bulb moments too. The downside of grammar is that you get an ear itch when you hear others speaking. You might even cringe! Grammar may get... read more

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