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The following article takes well known anecdotal evidence and makes it much more real - as if it were a punch to the stomach or whack to the head. Do not let it intimidate you in the least. The issue is not about the... read more

The past few years have allowed me the privilege of working with many talented students who are on a great trajectory for college through AP courses in high school. Simultaneously, I have tutored students who ended up in AP courses and were not adequately prepped and prepared for what would be expected of them during the school year. AP courses are to be enjoyed and valued as any college course... read more

As the school year ramps up again, I wanted to put out a modified version of a Memo of Understanding for parents and students. It seems each year in the rush to get through the first weeks of school parents and students forget the basic first good steps and then the spiral downwards occurs and then the need for obtaining a tutor and then... read more

The most obvious answer is cost. If a tutor charges the same rate for one or four students, it becomes cheaper per hour as you increase students and share the costs with other families. It is often believed a tutor is best when working 1:1 with a student. In some instances it is well worth the time and money to have 1:1 tutoring and sometimes it is appropriate for students to study and do school... read more

Although I do not own a TV (and have not for pretty much all of my adult life), I occasionally allow myself to partake in mind numbing and will watch past episodes of a show via Netflix. It would not have occurred to me I could learn something helpful about studying and yet I did! Although I did not realize it at the time, Bones (cerebral/quirky weekly drama about a forensic anthropologist... read more

Each summer I have a few students who work on both math and reading to keep the 'flow' and/or prep for the upcoming year. These students and their parents are completely committed to the idea of always learning as opposed to the idea of only learning in the classroom or merely learning during the school year... in essence, the parents are setting the foundation for lifelong learning. I... read more

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a parent/business owner who hires/places tutors for high end families in my area. It was a wonderful opportunity as once again I heard the mantra, "Parents just want the grades to go up." I asked what this meant, how I could measure it (quantitatively and anecdotally) and if this was indeed proof of my skills as a tutor or a momentary 'save'... read more

Recently I had a parent laugh at the 'stuff' I brought for tutoring. It was a second meeting with student and I did not know what would work so I brought a great deal of stuff for fractions, hoping one or more of my non-book selections would work. It did! The parent asked about a 'list' of stuff good for children/students/etc. Please note, I am pretty much low tech kind of person having... read more

The VALUE of a tutor (note- this is different from the price of a tutor) is based on a tutor's ability to not only know the subject content/matter, it requires some one who understands how children learn and have multiple ways to explain a concept. The largest differentiator when you compare tutors is finding some one who also understands the proper way (no shortcuts) to teach math and science,... read more

If there is one thing you insist your children complete, it would be Algebra and preferably by Grade 8. The magic in passing Algebra is the ability to think with logic. Logic allows your child to make important choices for themselves and their family, understand and participate in their community and have self efficacy. A lack of Algebra is a life of substantially lower quality. http://www... read more

Ah, the first weeks of the new school year. Erasers smell fresh and look pink, binders actually click open and closed, the agenda book is fairly empty...As a teacher and a tutor, I am asked how I 'know' if a child is learning. This is fairly easy to answer, even though the answer is often not what the parent wishes to hear. I am writing this blog to explain what I do as a tutor and why... read more