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Being a young-and-upcoming educator, I figured tutoring would be good for work experience and for income when I needed to take an unpaid medical leave from my graduate studies. While my experiences on WyzAnt may not be typical, they make for a good reminder of a rather good mantra for the tutoring business in general: "Hang in there." The hardest part when starting a tutoring "business" (and here, I use the word fairly loosely) is building a client base. If you have older acquaintances with children, this may prove to be less of a hurdle, as you have a prospective client pool already. If not, building one from the ground up will probably require some patience. As an example, I've been teaching university-level undergraduate laboratory courses for 3 years, and have tutored students off and on for 3 years as well. While I consider myself to be a decent instructor (at the minimum), the major hurdle was finding a few people who were needing assistance... read more

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