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  For juniors and seniors preparing for the fall 2014 SAT and ACT tests or for those taking the 2015 tests, tutoring at $15/hr is available.   Don't miss out on this bargain coaching !!!   This course has the common techniques and tricks which all test prep courses provide.   However, there are ingenious strategies in this training which are not in other courses. We also do extensive review of the content you are expected to know, which further boosts your score.   A number of students have increased their SAT score over 400 points in a few weeks with this training. While it is unusual, most students can increase their scores significantly with the right techniques and practice.     For complete SAT / ACT prep, choose one of these courses:   Course 1 runs Jun 30 to Jul 15, Monday to Thursday, 11:00 AM - 1:45 PM, 25 hours. Course 3 runs Jun 30 to Jul 15, Monday... read more

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