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When I first started with WyzAnt, I used the jobs posting section much more then I do now. My availability is not as flexible as it was then as well. With more flexibility and open scheduling, the jobs posting section is an asset. Now I mostly respond to direct emails on my profile page due to my tight work schedule. I want to make sure I have some flexibility for the clients I have and my tutoring position at the college.

Whoo, most of us just finished midterms or, for the younger ones, first quarter. Quizzes, new material, projects, exams, and all of life's activities outside of school fly at you with lightening speed. Organization is key during hectic times. Go through your class material every week. By organizing your notes, homework, and other class material in the appropriate folder/binders it helps review and retain the needed information. An organized binder helps ensure needed work gets done and turned in on time. I like to tab important sections in my book as well. New note tabs from post-it or avery remove easily without damaging the pages. This is great when you need to return the book later. Even if you are unsure about that upcoming exam, don't skimp on the sleep the night before. Be sure to get plenty of rest, water, and food leading up to an exam. The body and brain function much better when given the right nutrients. Remember sugar and caffeine can spike your blood sugar... read more

As the days get longer, and weather gets warmer, don't forget to stay hydrated. Coffee, teas, and sodas can all dehydrate a person. If possible, keep a water bottle with you and sip a bit of H2O throughout the day. I like to squeeze a little lemon or lime in mine. Gatorade or water with electrolytes are also good. When your electrolyte balance gets off, other internal functions can also. Dehydration can sneak up on you. Chapped lips are a key sign that you are dehydrated. Thirst with confusion is a much more serious sign. Headaches and irritability also accompany dehydration. Water is a great natural system flush. Water helps toxins flush out of your system. Water helps hydrate your skin. You can clear an early infection better when hydrated. Organ systems operate better as well. Best of all, you can think more clearly when there is enough water flowing through your veins. As you look to ace that final or entrance exam, stay hydrated. Give your body and brain... read more

Happy New Year! Are you ready for the new semester? No matter where you are in your education, first semester in college, or headed into that last one before graduation, being properly prepared will make all the difference! 1. Meet with an advisor and enroll as early as possible. 2. Get your books as soon as you can. Read through the table of contents and flip through he book to get an idea of what the course material will look like. 3. Know your schedule. Will you need to get up earlier then you are now? Now is a good time to start getting in a morning routine. 4. Get a planner (or use the calendar in your phone) to organize your schedule. This will help reduce cramming and over scheduling your time. Be sure to block out needed time for homework. I fill in all of my quizzes, exams, and reports due as soon as I know of them. 5. Get plenty of sleep, water, and good food. Healthy snacks will help stabilize your energy levels and give you needed brain... read more

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