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As an undergrad at Northwestern University, I researched the connection between reading and writing.  My discoveries were not surprising:  those who are avid readers tend to be better writers.  There is a direct connection between reading and writing as the old adage says:  What goes in is what comes out.  Feeding our brains with good literature full of challenging... read more

Often, summer time can be spent in very unproductive ways when it comes to learning English.  I believe that the summer months should be the most productive for the English language learner.   Whether you are a native English speaker or an ESL student, you will surely benefit from intensive English courses during the summer months.  I love to make my lessons extra fun during... read more

As I consider all the amazing teachers who poured into me over the years, in the natural, one in particular stands out, and in the "spirit", yet another.     Mr. Mason, my anatomy and physiology teacher in high school was probably the most influential teacher in my life on many levels.  In class, he always provided ways to go above and beyond the expectations of... read more

I have found in my years of teaching ESL that lessons that work for adults are 100% geared toward the student's personal desires, interests and goals.  Moving outside of these student-centered boundaries does not serve the student; working within these parameters brings exponential growth in language acquisition and implementation.   Approaching ESL tutoring sessions in this way... read more

That time of year has crept up on us...back to school time!  As students begin, and everything is new and exciting, they may not realize they are in need of some extra help in some subjects.  It does not take very long to get behind, so instead of allowing that to happen, arrange to have a tutor.  What are some of those benefits? First, you, as a parent, don't need to hound... read more

I have the honor of being able to tutor both elementary age and high school age students this summer. Our focus for each of them has been on developing writing skills. Summer is a great time to choose one subject a child needs some extra help with and hone in on it as you will see exponential growth without the distractions of other subjects. I encourage parents to consider hiring a writing... read more

When I was a classroom teacher, it was about this time of year when parents began to realize that their children were not performing up to grade-level in certain subjects. Tutors were hired before their children fell too far behind in any given class. Confidence is something that needs to be built early on in the school year for a student to be successful to the end of the year. I encourage... read more

In these days when communication is being reduced to text language and short quips, English communication skills have never been a higher necessity. Colleges and universities are looking for young people who have already mastered the basics of writing, including essays and research papers. I look forward to working with students who want to learn and grow in any area of English, including those... read more