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Some well known pros are claiming that the move from Aperture to Lightroom is "Fast, Fun and Easy." The tutorial takes TWO HOURS. And that's a tutorial. The uninitiated may find that it takes far more than that and if you make a mistake, well, that's not covered. Look it up if you feel adventurous, but I wouldn't recommend it except the most experienced of users.   There... read more

If you remember the amber light, the yellow boxes of Kodak paper, the smell of fixer and the sound of running water; if you remember using cardboard cutouts to dodge a bright sky or forming a circle with your hands to do a little burning in, and taping little round pieces of black paper to a cut length of old metal hanger, but do little or nothing with your digital files, it may be time to... read more

Recently I've been finding that many of my students who purchase both Lightroom and Photoshop end up discovering that Lightroom is all they need. With a comfortable learning curve and easy to comprehend basics, Lightroom provides digital beginners (and advanced photographers as well) the perfect opportunity for "developing" digital photos: exposure compensation, color correction,... read more

Photoshop is an image-editing program designed for adjusting, manipulating and creating images. It can be as simple or as complex a tool as you require. Photoshop is used across a variety of industries, from science to art. When looking for a Photoshop tutor, consider your expectations and needs and your tutor’s area of expertise in order to find a good match. Below are examples of three kinds... read more