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My first WyzAnt tutoring student was actually signed up to learn handwriting, both print and script. Back then, only "writing" was offered, so it was assumed to include all aspects. Handwriting, now, is listed under "elementary education", however, back in the day, it was considered a proper business class skill. The better one's handwriting, the higher one was expected... read more

Remember adrenalin, the "fight or flight" hormone? Now, think in terms of evolution: We have progressed as a civilization far faster than we could keep up with, as a species. Our physiology still goes on alert for imminent danger close by. When the brain connects just the right neurons to set off that danger signal, adrenalin is released, floods our systems, and gives our brains two... read more

On September 17, 2012, Morning Edition (on National Public Radio, or "NPR") shared this article: "Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform." I recommend it. Here's the link: So, what are my expectations? That all can succeed, given sufficient... read more

When asked for a guarantee of outcome, a surgical colleague of mine tells his patients, "I guarantee my work but not your parts." Before illness disabled me from practicing, patients whose traumatic injuries were substantial, for whom a perfect outcome was impossible, would hear, "You can't make chicken soup from chicken poop, but sometimes, you can make pretty good fertilizer... read more

This post applies to all subjects, not just the three listed. That's because a tutor's rating average, posted on the profile page, is a conglomerate average of all subjects that tutor teaches. It's not broken down into subject subtotals. A perfect score of 5.0 in the ratings comes from great students and parents who appreciate when a tutor goes above and beyond the call of duty. One parent... read more

About a month before the final exam, I was tapped to tutor a student whose math grades had taken a nose dive. In addition to finding and filling educational holes, so my student could solve the required math questions, I realized there was another critical issue: new onset exam stress. One might even call it early PTSD. Something had to be done, and there was no time for counseling or seeing... read more