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What are the major themes in of mice and men? (answer)

I found that the themes of loyalty, obligation and love were paramount. George would not allow the mob to slaughter Lennie, even as Candy's "right" to put down his own dog was usurped. George's love for Lennie obliged him to ensure that Lennie died humanely, in the place where his memory of the dream...


Explain why Wuthering Height's (the castle/house) is called that. (answer)

"Wuthering" is of old Norse derivation ( check "online etymology dictionary"),meaning as described by Jonathan. Bronte likely spent a goodly while in consideration of a title that would have poetic cadence as well as being evocative as an image-maker. It certainly suggests a parallel between the natural...


What does the conch represent in Lord of the Flies? (answer)

Literally, the conch is a "natural" tool for communication, without which, order/speech/civilized behavior cannot be established. Unfortunately, in the hands of the power-mongers, it becomes a destructive entity, corallary to contemporary "filibustering" and the like. Ultimately,...


What did FDR do? (answer)

A measure of FDR's significance as an American president is that so many of the laws enacted during his terms are still "on the books" and are actively enforced today. These laws often revolved around increasing empoyment opportunities for millions of citizens who had been out of work...


What caused the great depression? (answer)

The socio-economic, labor, manufacturing, stock market and political environment was such in the late 1920's as to create "the perfect storm" for economic disaster in the US. Major causitive factors of the GD included over-production of goods, buying stocks "on margin,"...